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Looking for Low Maintenance.


Good Evening Steve, We just moved to Phoenixville, PA just west of Valley Forge State Park, zone 6 . An older Williamsburg Colonial on 2.3 acres. A creek & abundant DEER across the road to boot. The land is wedge shaped with the house sitting on the widest portion with a low slope from back (south) to front (north). I would like to decrease the lawn expanse with trees. Low maintenance, natural setting. I enjoy gardening, flowering trees, & evergreens for winterscaping. I read your hedge article and could use your input/suggestions on scaping this area. I thought of creating "garden rooms" & an alee drawing the eye threw this vista but am truly puzzled. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time & efforts,



Hi Lisa,

Creating garden rooms is a good idea. You could combine the traditional formal Williamsburg with natural settings by ‘fencing’ in these rooms with evergreen plants. Examples would be boxwoods or other low growing evergreens. Some of the most common garden rooms are butterfly, hummingbird, rose, herb, scented (fragrant shrubs, perennials and herbs), water and wildlife gardens.

Here is a list of plants that deer typically avoid eating. You may want to incorporate many of these into your new rooms.

Bamboo, most ornamental grasses, sweetgum, ash, rosemary, vinca, bittersweet, wisteria, spruce, spirea, barberry, boxwood, butterfly bus, dogwood, euonymus, white birch, viburnums, smoketree, forsythias, holly, junipers, lilac, Lombardy poplar, pines, rhododendron.

Hope this gives you some ideas

Kind regards

Steve Jones

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