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Stream takes man's land



I have a stream at the back of my property which runs for about 2000 feet; it is about 6 feet at its widest and about 2 feet deep at its deepest; it has many draining rivulets draining into it, and the land around these rivulets is kind of marshy.

I would like you to recommend some plants for me to plant along the edge of the stream, to hold the land intact; the land is eroding since the stream is constantly moving.

Also, I would like you to recommend some plant to plant in the marshy part of the property, to either dry it or at least to firm up the land. I do not want any plants that have thorns.

Thank you for your help,


Hi Jose,

To go around the edge of the stream to hold the bank, I would go with a mixture of shrubs and trees to make it interesting.

Most plants do not like standing in water but some will tolerate moist soils.

A few of the shrubs that can be used are: silky dogwood, Red twig dogwood, a few of the Viburnums, Cotoneaster,

Fragrant honeysuckle, rose of sharon althea, spicebush, Carolina allspice, magnolia virginiana, a few of the hydrangeas,

Butterfly bush, chokeberry, wisteria, autumn olive, nanking cherry, sand cherry, French pussy willow.

Also for some accent plants that love boggy soil would be the elephant ears.

Some trees would be Red maple, pin oak, water oak, willow oak, hybrid willow, hybrid poplar, weeping willows, river birch,

Quaking aspen, tree form althea, bald cypress, Green ash, and dawn redwood.

Hope this gives you a little help.

I would do a little mixture of both trees and shrubs. It is hard to give much more advice without knowing the layout of the land or seeing a picture.

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