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Hollies on my mind!


Dear Steve,

I enjoy your newspaper column very much. I have a question concerning holly trees. I have two in my front landscaped area of the house that have grown too large for the space. They are about 6' tall and 3-4 feet wide at the base and are somewhat pyramidal in shape. I want to move them to the back yard where they will have more room to grow and spread which will also provide me some privacy from the neighbors behind me. Is it ok to transplant them now or should I wait a little closer to spring? They will also be planted under some large hackberry trees in my back yard.

Please advise. Thanks for your help and advice!

Sincerely, Michael


Michael, Thank you for the compliment.

As far as the holly, you can move them now as long as you can get in the ground to dig.

At this time they are in a dormant shape and can be moved. If you have someone in the area that has a tree spade or a mechanical digger, it would be better for the trees. Try to contact a local nurseryman or garden center to make this happen. Unless you have experience in doing this you could have a bigger job then you are used to.

You may want to also ask if under the hackberry with no sun would be a good place to put them before you move.

Kind regards Steve Jones

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