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Trees for West Texas


I am wanting to plant trees to buffet us from the high winds and soil erosion so prevalent in this area. I would really like to go with an Evergreen since the only thing that grows in this area seem to be cactus and mesquite. I really want to get the right tree so I am asking for your opinion . I live in Midland, Texas. It is very dry and very windy. The main problem we run into is caliches. I know for certain we have a caliches "bed" about 7 inches down, which seems to be about 6 inches solid, then it goes to soil, as far as I know. I'm not sure if you remember but in the '80s there was a baby who had fallen into an abandoned well. Well, the hardest bits found were broken and had to be resharpened repeatedly due to the rock bed. That may give you an idea of what I am up against out here. A tree with a shallow root base could possibly work...HELP! Thanks, Debra

Plantman answer:

It would sound as if you have a very challenging area. What I suggest because of the high wind situation is a two tree barrier. One deciduous and fast growing like the hybrid poplar then coming back on the inside the next year with an evergreen like the green giants. One will help the other as far as the wind is concerned, and both are somewhat shallow rooted. You may even want to put in some type of top soil maybe 6 to 12 inches in that area to mound the trees up.

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