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12 Ways to Save Money on Your Landscape

12 Ways to Save Money in your landscape:
  1. Plant quick growing shade trees for future summers (poplar hybrids, willow hybrids & lombardy poplar for examples)
  2. Choose younger bare root flowering shrubs and trees (saves money and water)
  3. Mulch with shredded bark mulch or aged compost/manure mix (keeps the ground cool over the roots reducing water needs)
  4. Select perennial plants over annuals (plant once and grow for years – also perennials require less water than annuals)
  5. Plant spreading perennials and ground covers in bare areas (their shade limits weed growth)
  6. Watering lawns every 4 to 5 days saves water and allows the roots of the grass to grow deeper
  7. Incorporate herbs into your landscape for cooking
  8. Raise the setting on your lawn mower
  9. Use drip hoses for most gardens and landscaped areas
  10. Select the proper plants for difficult areas such as full sun or full shade
  11. Remove dead plants immediately
  12. Deadheading many shrubs and perennials encourages new blooms
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